About Allison Johanson

Hello there! I’m Allison, a full-time painter living and working in the twin cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota. Here’s my what and why in a nutshell:

My large-scale paintings are created intuitively, and I enjoy experimenting with a variety of techniques, delighting in the surprises that come. My new favorite method is painting without tools, using just my hands and fingers to thickly apply paint and make marks. This direct application yields a more raw and irregular appearance that is also soft and textural. I love the humanness that comes through.

I make large paintings because big art captivates me. It creates an experience, and can transform a space into something extraordinary. Creating art that makes people feel more connected and in love with their surroundings is the best!

Please feel free to contact me with any inquiries about my work for sale. Thank you!